Today over 2,100 veterinary practices in the UK are aligned to the Centaur / BOC Healthcare gas contract.

To accommodate different customer needs, BOC Healthcare has an extensive cylinder package programme. The range consists of traditional cylinders and a range of lightweight cylinders. For those customers with high oxygen demands BOC Healthcare also provide fixed liquid oxygen (LC200) which may be a more cost effective approach and are also fully maintained by BOC Healthcare.

By signing a Centaur/BOC Healthcare gas contract you will receive:

  • Discounted cylinder rental
  • Discounted BOC delivery
  • Quality service from medical gas market leader

In a continuous pledge to improve BOC Healthcare service to its customers, it has also developed a step-by-step guide of cylinder maintenance and complaints procedure. Please click on the information sheets below to download.

BOC Healthcare is the provider of the service, therefore any queries or complaints should be addressed to them directly.

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