VetOne Flea Spray

Flea Solutions

 One application effective against flea infestation for up to 9 weeks.

Pesticide free; Safe for humans, safe for pets.

VetOne Flea Spray is a fast acting, odourless, non-allergenic and long lasting treatment. 

Its physical mode of action, in which fleas and their larva become 'glued up', rather than affected physiologically or neurologically, protects against any opportunity for the fleas to develop resistance. 

Trials have shown that VetOne Flea Spray continues to inhibit flea development at all life stages for up to 9 weeks when used according to the product use guidelines, keeping environments flea-free for longer.

VetOne Flea Spray is extremely safe, non-toxic and can be used in the presence of humans. VetOne Flea Spray can be used on carpets and soft furnishings (It is recommended that a patch test is carried out on delicate fabrics before use). when applying the spray to any hard surface, direct into edges and crevices and remove any excess.



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