VetOne Flea Spray

Flea Solutions

 One application effective against flea infestation for up to 9 weeks.

Pesticide free; Safe for humans, safe for pets.

VetOne Flea Spray is a fast acting, odourless, non-allergenic and…

Adder Antivenom

Adder Antivenom - Available now from Centaur Services!


Viper Venom Antitoxin contains characteristic equine immunoglobulin G, which by binding the viper venom Vipera Berus neutralises its toxins. Th…

Scottish Veterinary Awards 2018

We're proud to announce we are the Headline Sponsors for the 2018 Scottish Veterinary Awards. 

For the first time, Centaur Services are sponsoring the Scottish Veterinary Awards and are thrilled to be…