myCentaur Web Ordering


All Centaur Services customers benefit from myCentaur, the bespoke ordering and account management software designed with your needs in mind.

Suitable for smaller independent practices and large multi-site businesses alike, myCentaur is simple, easy-to-use and features real time stock updates to ensure you have access to the latest data from our warehouse when placing your orders.

As well as the ordering facility, myCentaur also hosts a wealth of bespoke accounting information and allows you to run and export a wide variety of useful financial, purchase history and product reports, designed to inform business practices and improve profitability.

Upon joining Centaur, our team will work with you to set up your practice’s account, tailoring the users, their permission levels and the details of your personal ordering system to best suit your way of working. We will also train all relevant staff on how to use it and provide ongoing support as required.

Customers who wish to order on-the-go can download our bespoke iCentaur app, which sends realtime feedback to myCentaur to ensure your account is up-to-date at all times and on all devices.

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